Sunday, February 7, 2016

What I value most…

A listening ear,
Even when I am wrong,
Especially when I am wrong,
When I know I am wrong.
And you do not have to tell me.
The cold world out there has told me so,
And I do not need to hear it again.

In those moments,
Just tell me…
Just tell me you know how I feel,
Because that is all that it takes
To soothe the pain,
To heal the wounds
I know I brought upon myself.

Just tell me…
No, don’t tell me anything.
Just listen to me vent,
Just listen to me cry,
Just listen to me!

And when I am wrong
Don’t tell me how I should do it next time,
I know what I should do next time,
The lesson has already been learned,
And that is not what I need now.
A friend to cry with me...
Or just hear me cry.
That is all.

That is what I value most,
Because all other moments
Are easy compared to these.