Sunday, May 25, 2014

From the left or for the rights of people?

Just for the record, I would like to briefly review the underlying essence of what started being called the right and what started being called the left in political matters.
Those from the right were the financiers, the industrialists, those who defended the power of the capital, the owners of the land, those who used the people as pieces of the economic and financial machine, the Koch brothers, those who were for trickle down Reaganomics, for all the Thatcherisms, the dictators, and many other currents. That was what was given the label of the right, and still are! Let us not forget it!

Those from the left were the communists, the socialists, the anarchists, the philosophers, the hippies, the student movements, the greens, those who revolted against indignities, those from the other side, those who went behind the barricades, the Arab Spring and other movements, those who believed that people had to be treated as dignified human beings. That is what was given the label of the left, and still are! Let us not forget it!
To demonize them the right started calling these the left. The left had always been the demonized side, the sinister side. It was not good to be left handed. And so to assign the label of the left suit those from the right very well. And it still does come in very handy! Let us not forget it!
I think it is about time to start calling those parties from the right by their proper name, those who use the people as a production machine, and start calling those parties from the left what they really are, the defenders of human dignity. Setting aside all the good and bad things that each of these may be, can be, or have been, this is the essence of the two sides of the political coin we keep tossing around.

Let us simply stop whitewashing the right and the left. Let us stop giving them colors as if we were dealing with sports clubs. Let us stop attaching labels that are nothing more than very convenient pseudonyms for some.

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